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Sep 24, 2021

Pulver hosts solo along with the live chat discussing all of their favorite MMA podcast episodes to catch and not miss from the time off. Recorded September 6th, 2021

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MMA Podcasts to Catch
- Heavy Hands Ep. 381
- Heavy Hands Patreon Bonus August 11th 2021
- Best Camp of My Life Ep. 43
- Best Camp of My Life Ep. 44
- Inside the Hexagon Ep. 60
- MMA Depressed-us Ep. 59

MMA Podcasts to Not Miss
- Best Camp of My Life Ep. 45 (Intro)
- Verbal Tap Ep. 470
- Southpaw Fight Study Ep. 104
- Man, F*** Joe Rogan
- Co-Main Event Power Hour September 3rd 2021
- MMA on the Rocks Ep. 253
- Severe MMA Patreon The News Headlines August 27th 2021

New MMA Podcast:
- MMA Fighting Rankings Show Ep. 1
- I Have Questions Ep. 14

Well Rounded Recommendations
- CiscoMode
- Behind the Bastards The Libertarian Theme Park of Your Dreams
- Local Ice Cream Cake
- Floracal Logacy 2.0
- How to Drink Which Hard Seltzer Isn’t Garbage
- GTA V Online
- Psychonauts 2
- Hades
- The Ascent

Podcast Honorable Mentions
- The Protect Ya’ Neck Podcast Ep. 275
- The Protect Ya’ Neck Podcast Ep. 277
- Verbal Tap Ep. 471
- If The Shoes Fit Ep. 197
- Co-Main Event Patreon Live Chat September 1st 2021
- Tengridome Ep. 18
- Tengridome Ep. 19
- Severe MMA Ep. 325
- Severe MMA Premium Here Are Your Crazy MMA Ideas
- The Chasing Pack From Russia with Love September 2nd 2021
- The Fight Site MMA Podcast Ep. 61
- Heavy Hands Ep. 384
- TSN MMA Show Ep. 243
- The Jack Slack Podcast Ep. 50
- Friendly Sparring Podcast Ep. 25
- The Level Change Podcast Ep. 139
- Care Don’t Care UFC Vegas 35 Reactions

Zip Time by Mustachio
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Click the link below to check out the photos Pulver took while he was cageside at Summerfist X on June 23rd, 2019
Our Summerfist X at the Del Mar Fair Photo Gallery

Check out the article Chris wrote about “Champ Champs” and the current state of the UFC at the link below
Opinion: The era of 'champ champ' status is a distraction for UFC's looming issues

Check out our friends over at Podgodz
RIP Ryan Bennett